Welcome to The Online Hab Bazaar - A P2P Marketplace hosted by Haberdashers Worldwide!

We created this marketplace with a simple goal in mind: To connect buyers and sellers of Hab in a simple and convenient format, in one central location that's easy for buyers to find and share.  Since it is a Person to Person (P2P) Marketplace and not a simple webstore, buyers can shop from many sellers at once, and sellers essentially are able to create their own webstore within the marketplace platform. 


Buyers can simultaneously shop from any and every seller who lists in the Bazaar.  At checkout, the marketplace software automatically splits the payment to each individual store.  We think that is pretty freakin cool.  We're confident that you'll enjoy the convenience that comes with purchasing from sellers in our marketplace.  Give it a shot!


Sellers can essentially create their own webstore within the platform.  The "Seller's Dashboard" feature provides powerful insights into sales data and tracking metrics, and your item listings are very customizable and easy to create.

We think the Online Hab Bazaar could very well become any seller's go-to spot for selling their items and processing payments.  With only a market fee of just 5% per transaction, it might just be cheaper than handling any web/store hosting and payments processing subscriptions on your own.  And... the payment process all takes place INSTANTLY upon purchase.  You receive your funds as soon as Paypal or Stripe releases them.  No waiting for checks!

If you'd like to give it a try, click link in the top menu bar to sign up to become a seller.  You'll be able to create your very own webstore and item listings on the platform.  Once you sign up as a seller we will send you some more info and tips to help you build your listings.

What is Haberdashers Worldwide?

Haberdashers Worldwide was created as a Facebook Group in October of 2014 as a place for Haberdashers to collaborate. Titless had just taken over as a Haberdasher and did not get any turnover whatsoever. He did not even know where to buy Happi Coats from, and had to take many chances with random vendors on Google for all other custom Hab purchases... so he created a simple group called "H3 Haberdashers Group" so Haberdashers could help each other with ideas and share their sources both good and bad.

In 2017, the limitations of the Facebook group started to show from amassing several years of discussions.  We branded the group as "H3 Haberdashers Worldwide," and added the companion website at www.haberdashersworldwide.com.  For the website, the Facebook group was scoured for all the best information and presented in an format that was much easier to browse than the group.  Shortly thereafter, the reviews system was developed, with direct links back to the Facebook group posts to provide context. Soon thereafter, a section was added to the website to list all the known Hasher-Owned Businesses that had contributed to the group.  By the middle of 2017, the website was complete and both iOS and Android apps were released.  All of these are continually updated to capture the most up to date information possible.

Today the URL has been shortened to www.habww.com but is mirrored to the full original URL for continuity and ease of access.  If you haven't seen the main website or are not yet a member of the Facebook Group, check out the links below!

www.facebook.com/groups/haberdashers (note - must prove you're a hasher to join, but you don't have to be a haberdasher)